Unity Prayer, May 10th, St. Thomas Church


On Sunday, May 4th, an announcement was made at St. Mary’s Catholic Church. The announcement heralds the entry of the parishes of ACAD {the Assyrian Catholic Apostolic Diocese} into the local Chaldean Catholic dioceses.

It seems that after their uplifting visit to Rome, H.G. Mar Sarhad and H.G. Mar Bawai are fully underway to leading their diocese to a union. On Saturday, May 10th, at noon, at St. Thomas Chaldean Chatholic Church in Turlock, CA, there will be a joint prayer of unity with the clergy of the two diocese. Then at 5pm, there will be the “Syameeda” {laying of hand} of St. Matthew Church in Ceres. This new church will be opened with the clergy as one.

The parishes which were part of ACAD will be joining the local Chaldean Diocese, so that our California parishes will be in the diocese of H.G. Mar Sarhad, where as the parishes in other areas or countries will be joining whichever diocese they fall under territorially.

This is a significant event in history. Truly, it would have been a significantly greater steps towards unity had the entire Assyrian CotE kept in earnest pursuit of communion with the Catholic Church. However, the significance of this diocese uniting with the Chaldean church should not be underestimated: it has been about 180 years since any similar scale unity between our people. This diocese has managed to follow the teachings of our Church, and to establish communion with our brothers already in the Catholic Communion.

Although one can have regrets about not being able to do it as a whole, one must remember to trust in God All-mighty. Our goal now will be two-fold… to continue in the path that is opened to us, in true faithfulness to the teachings of the Church fathers, and to pray and help our brothers and sisters that did not take this step.

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4 Responses to “Unity Prayer, May 10th, St. Thomas Church”

  1. asimplesinner Says:

    Why don’t u post this at TBC?

  2. Ian Says:

    Wonderful, wonderful news. Thanks and praise be to God.

  3. aboriente Says:

    Thanks Ian… It went wonderfully this weekend. I have already started to post some more info about what took place. There were times throughout, when many people were crying tears of joy.

    Indeed thanks and praise be to God!

  4. Exploring Orthodoxy » “That they may all be one” Says:

    […] the midst of much disunity, it is with joy I read this post on my dear friend Anthony’s blog — the restoring of communion between the Assyrian […]

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