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abortion and rape

September 7, 2008

It has been a while since I have posted, and I apologize. Also, this is my first post that deals with a current issues.

In a recent discussion, there was an argument regarding the issue of abortion in the case of rape. Often, the accusation of callousness is thrown against those who oppose abortion even in the case of rape, but in truth it is logical and ultimately an issue of love.

First, the logic. The pro-life movement is about saving the innocent unborn children from the massacre waged against them. The unborn innocent are entitled to a right to life which should not be denied them. As the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith states: “The tradition of the Church has always held that human life must be protected and favored from the beginning, just as at the various stages of its development” {for the complete document see here}. (more…)