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How to Prepare for “Subara”

December 19, 2010

The Messiah was born in Bethlehem, and from the East, Magi came to honor him. They asked, and said: “Where was the king born? For we have come to bless and adore him.” (Basilica Hymn)

Archbishop Fulton Sheen once wrote that there were two classes of men who visited the Christ, the Majestic King of all, as a babe in his crib.  “Shepherds: those who know they know nothing.  [And] wise men: those who know they do not know everything… Only the simple and only the wise find Christ, because both are humble; both acknowledge either ignorance or the limitation of human knowledge.”  This season of Advent, Subara, that we have entered, contains one of the great Mysteries that was revealed to us, a Mystery that cannot even now be completely fathomed by human investigation.

The great Mystery that had been hidden for centuries and for generations has been revealed to us in the final age: the Only-Begotten, who is in the Womb of his Begetter, came and assumed the form of a servant in his grace; and he related and revealed to us the perfect faith of the Trinity. (Basilica Hymn) (more…)