Walk for Life 2011


This past year has shown an increase in activity for those who support abortion, as can be seen from the increased push for it in the UN to its infiltration into the health care reform that was proposed and passed.  Since the landmark and unjust ruling in 1973, abortion has been a mainstay of the attack on human dignity, the protection of the innocent and their right to life.  Why is there this concerted effort to undermine our social fabric and promote the culture of death through abortion, contraception, and euthanasia? Pope John Paul II once said something that indicates the source of this attack, “Life, especially human life, belongs only to God; for this reason whoever attacks human life, in some way attacks God Himself.”

Thanks be to God, that there are many brave people standing up for these basic human rights, and their numbers are increasing.  This was very apparent in this years Walk for Life West Coast, held on Saturday, January 22nd, 2011, which was the largest one held to this date, estimates of the numbers widely ranging, but probably somewhere close to 35-40 thousand.  What held even more promise, was the young age of a great portion of those who participated in the walk.  Those who will help shape the future, are hearing the call of their pastors to defend the life of the vulnerable whose rights are being trampled, and who are dying daily in numbers that would in any other case be considered genocide by any government.

St. Peter’s Diocese is likewise hearing the cries, and standing up for justice.  This year had the largest number of walkers from the Northern California Parishes, St. Mary, St. Thomas, and St. Matthew.  We were particularly blessed to have with us, Fr. Andrawis Toma, the pastor of St. Mary, and Fr. Michael Barota, the pastor of St. Matthew, as well as Deacon Ninev Nissan.  Our priests led us in prayers, and were a source of joy and encouragement to all.  We sang church songs and prayers.  Almost 30 people walked from St. Mary’s parish alone, and although we had parents and children, the majority were youth and young adults.

The youth of our parishes who walked are an inspiration since they were willing to put aside work, school, console games and TV, to spend a day walking and praying in solidarity for life.  The pro-life movement has been a steadily increasing movement within our youth and amongst our parishioners.  As had been reported previously, the life position is default position of most Chaldeans and Assyrians, as they are by default a Catholic people, and abortion is an unspeakable offense in our homelands in the Middle East.  Most who have migrated to lands in diaspora, do not realize the pervasiveness with which the culture of death has infiltrated Western societies which are presumed to value basic Christian and human rights.

The numbers of people who are increasingly involved in the pro-life movement are increasing yearly.  From a handful of people in the Walk for Life three years ago, we have increased to between 40 and 50 members this year, and by the end of the night, all were encouraged to be more active.  One person is a member of the Walk for Life organization, helping them with preparation activity and event photography.  We are making plans to have more people next year and be more organized, bringing banners and posters.

Pro-life is the Church’s belief, and we will continue to preach it, walking for life yearly, and participating in events like 40 Days for Life, until the unjust murder of millions is ended.  We will educate our fellow youth, parishioners, all our brothers and sisters, Christian and non-Christian, as not only faith, but reason and natural law also dictate that we should stand up for life, especially of the most vulnerable and innocent when they are unjustly led to the slaughter.

Those of us who stayed long enough for a group photo.

Group Photo at the end


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