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Lenten Meditation for “Paloo”

April 15, 2011

All the saints were triumphant in fasting, fasting from sin and not only from bread.
Moses on Mt. Sinai was triumphant, and Elijah also was elevated by it.
Our Savior Jesus, by it conquered death and granted victory to our nature.
And he gave us authority that if it be our desire, we too shall conquer.
Let us confess Him who by His glorious fast made known to us His divinity, to Him be glory!
— Evening Hymn of Paloo

Thus we proclaim in one of our Hymns during the “Paloo” evening prayer service.  The Aramaic name “Paloo” comes from the word “Palga” meaning half, and with half of Lent finished it behooves us to reflect on our fast.  Why have we gone down this road?  Is it a benefit to us? (more…)