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Antiochian vs. Mesopotamian

February 27, 2013

This post comes as a reflection based on thinking back on Fr. Andrew’s book {see Lenten readings post below}, and the book of John Moolan on the Annunciation, and is not fully developed, but just something thrown out there for discussion in case someone wants to discuss.

Many people go through life not realizing that there is a distinction in the Mesopotamian School and the Antiochian School.  Both are influenced by Semitic thought, and both are Eastern, and the Antiochian school had influence over the entire world: Theodore was read in Spain as much as he was read in Iran.  Theodore’s writings was accepted in the Mesopotamian Church because of the reputation of his person and his writing, and also because it was in line with its own system. (more…)

On a Lighter Note… 2013 Lenten Reading

February 27, 2013

It’s Lent again.  Here are the books I hope to finish this Lent:

There’s Murray’s “Symbol of Church and Kingdom“.  I find the intro to be a good “recent” update in what’s recent in “Syriac” studies… Would like to see the rest.

For Biblical commentary… I have taken to reading from Cornelius Lapide’s commentary.  I have those on St. Matthew in book form,  but I found a site that has them available online.  If anyone else has thoughts/insights into this commentary, and wants to discuss them, I’d love to!

Finally, to finish the Lenten punishment :), I will be reading Fr. Andrew Younan’s book: The Mesopotamian School & Theodore of Mopsuestia.  I’ve been meaning to read this again since I lost the pages of notes I had taken on this book.  It’s a great read, and gives a fabulous introduction on what the Mesopotamian School of thought is.