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The confidence that is from God… p4

May 14, 2013

In the last posting on this topic, we mentioned how parrhesia was a result of our being adopted sons of Our Father in heaven.

There is one type of parrhesia based on a relationship quite different and unique.  As compared to us having the confidence of children before the Father, there is a confidence of a mother to the Son, the same confidence that the church saw manifest in our ladies request of her son at the wedding of Cana. In one hymn, the faithful ask of St. Mary: (more…)

The confidence that is from God… p3

May 11, 2013

As was discussed in the previous posting on this subject, the transliterated word, parrhesia, took on a precise meaning in regards to the faithful’s relationship with the Father.

In reading the letter of Abdisho Hazzaya, a Church of the East mystic whose dating is uncertain but could well have been in the 7th century, or as late as the 9th, one sees in his instructions to the monks a clear demonstration of the word.  He writes: (more…)

The confidence that is from God… p2

May 3, 2013

In the previous posting on this subject, we quickly discussed confidence as seen in the prayer before the “Our Father”.  We now make a small detour to explain the concept of boldness in speech.

The term “parrhesia” during the time of the Greek philosophers referred to a confidence that implied 1) there was a truth or subject matter that needed to be authenticated, and 2) an subordinate/lesser relationship of the parrhesiastes {those who spoke with parrhesia} to the person(S) being addressed, implying a potential risk to the parrhesiastes for speaking boldly. It was an addressed that needed to be made in an effort to affect the listener and change their hearts/beliefs. It was often direct, tactless, and deemed necessary. (more…)