About Ab Oriente – New Things Coming

The 2 {hopefully} people who might have read this blog would have noticed that I hadn’t posted anything for a long time.

Great news and exciting things coming!  This blog is going to become a group blog.  Knowing that I could not keep up all that I hoped to keep up with, I have enlisted the help of people who I greatly admire.  Like me, they are from the Chaldean Catholic Church and have a love of Christ as well as His Church, in our particular case the Chaldean Church, ie. Church of the East.

For now, I will like to give a heads up of who’s going to be involved.  These people have voiced their enthusiasm for joining… as they start in on the project, I’ll ask them to write a page for themselves as well and they will introduce their name/nickname as they see fit.

Ab oriente… a hammer of orthodoxy, a lay married parent, theologian, and fellow techie like me.

Ab oriente…  author of warmth and love, a subdeacon in the church, a married parent, and a leader of youth.

Ab oriente… author of youth in love with the Lord, a youth and a youth leader, and our only female author {so far}.

Ab oriente… future priests and guides of our church, 2 seminarians, currently subdeacons, studying at Mar Abba the Great Seminary.

With much excitement, I ask all to keep their heads up.  With much prayer, I pray to the Lord to bless this our enterprise.

Pace e bene!

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