The Old About Me


I’m still Anthony… still just the guy trying to figure out this life and make it through to the next.  It’s been a while since I’ve been able to update my blog consistently, and the old “About” was no longer accurate.  I have since been able to make it home to the Chaldean Catholic Church of the East.  Many people told me how much they prayed for us when we were in turmoil, praying that it would end.  Some how told me their tears of joy when it happened.  I myself had to fight back the tears when giving witness to our journey home, and the wonderful love, support, and prayers of all our friends in the Catholic Church… not just Chaldean, but several others as well.

So what’s this teary-eyed person going to be doing with his blog now?  I will continue to use this site to provide the English speaking West, me for one: information about our Church and it’s teachings; treasures from its history, traditions, and liturgy; outlooks on current events; and any more news about potential unity with our estranged brothers and sisters in the Assyrian Church of the East.  After all, Our Lord Jesus Christ said:

“That they may all be one.” — John 17:21

For me, the turmoils and troubles we went through through the years, bore fruit in our reception into the Church in May 2008.  With a beautiful display of brotherly love between bishops Mar Bawai Soro and Mar Sarhad Jammo, and a beautiful sermon on the need for Unity from H.G. Mar Sarhad, we came home and we went from the guiding hand of Mar Bawai, to the guiding hand of Mar Sarhad.  Mar Sarhad has been a father to us newly entered into his diocese, doing all to ease our transition and make sure we feel and act as as one and not as newly-arrived outsiders.

So… in the end… I think I might rant and rave, I might just keep dribbling on and on, or something…. but I hope what I put here from the wealth of our Church might be found interesting, and even spiritually enlightening and maybe give heart to someone who may be in need of some cheering.

Pace e bene,

One Response to “The Old About Me”

  1. Catherine Alexander Says:

    Just a note that I added you to the Eastern & Oriental Catholic Web Ring:

    I’m looking forward to much more reading and learning!

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