The Way Old About Me…


I’m Anthony… just a guy trying to figure out this life and make it through to the next.  I’m a member of the Church of the East, an Assyrian in a diocese well on its way of making it home to communion with our Chaldean and Assyrian brothers in communion with the Church of Rome.

This site is to provide those in the West, me for one, a blog about recent going ons in the Church of the East.

“That they may all be one.” — John 17:21

Our hope, ultimately, is in Christ, and our purpose is in living according to and fulfilling what He desires of us.  Our Lord Christ grieves over the splits that have come about between the various apostolic churches, and we work to overcome the obstacles that are keeping us apart.  Not in some “wishy-washy everything is ok” kind of way, but in a way grounded in the Truth, our Lord Christ, and with Christian charity and clarity.

Peace and all good,

2 Responses to “The Way Old About Me…”

  1. andrew favorite Says:


    Are you in a position to confirm some details about the union? Astounding how such an important moment is passed over by so many….Thanks,

  2. aboriente Says:

    Dear Andrew,

    I know what you mean about how it is passed over by many.

    I am part of the diocese that united into St. Peter the Apostle diocese in Western US. I am in a position to confirm public details… and if I do not know the answer I can ask from the clergy. I am actually a subdeacon in the diocese. If you want to, you can also email me.

    In Him,

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