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Celebrating Full Unity

March 2, 2010

The following article was taken from  This is a news report on a joyous visit from our bishop Mar Sarhad.  Our newly united parish celebrated the Holy Offering with the new reformed missal.

On Sunday, February 21, 2010, in an unprecedented gathering of Christian unity and solidarity, over 400 faithful parishioners packed the standing-room-only St. Mary’s Assyrian Chaldean Catholic Church to mark the beginning of a new chapter in the history of our beloved Church and Diocese.  During this blessed day of prayer, the parishioners were introduced to the newly reformed mass, reflecting the authentic and cherished heritage of our forefather, the Church of the East.  The beautiful mass was lead by our spiritual leader, His Grace Mar Sarhad Yosip Jammo and the two parish priests, Father Youshia Sana and Chorbishop Samuel Dinkha, who were accompanied by a large number of Deacons and the mesmerizing voice of a 40-member strong choir. (more…)

Archimandrite Robert F. Taft stance

May 18, 2008

On January 21st, 2007, Archimandrite Robert Taft visited our parish in San Jose. The talk that he gave was reassuring and helped many in their stance in support of H.G. Mar Bawai Soro. Many of you reading this probably already know of Fr. Taft, who is a learned scholar with many works to his name; at the time, I myself had one of his books in my bookshelf.

When he weighed in on the situation as it existed in the beginning of 2007, he made it clear that he did not want to be used as a polemical tool in any kind of attack; what he had stated should be left as it is without alteration. I have done my best to faithfully transcribe his words from the video, leaving out just a personal note he had made near the beginning. The video itself can be seen at:

I am very happy to be with you today because as father said I have been very close to the Assyrian and the Chaldean communities ever since the 1950s when I was teaching in [ ] Baghdad. …

I have been accused by some people for taking sides in the very unfortunate dispute, which Mar Bawai at this very moment is in Phoenix meeting with Mar Addai trying to resolve. I know Mar Dinkha personally, of course. The only side I have taken is the side of truth in attempting to give Mar Bawai support in resolving his unfortunate problems as he is trying to do in the way of truth, Christian unity, and service to God in Christian charity. I support Mar Bawai because, rather than engaging in personal attacks or unchristian behavior, he is attempting to resolve an unfortunate problem that threats all of us because he is such a great Christian bishop. Some people call him an ex-bishop. There are no ex-bishops in the Christian Church, because once you are a bishop you are “sayedna” forever. (more…)