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List of Diocese Calendars

July 10, 2013

The calendars of our St. Peter the Apostle Diocese actually have a lot of information about our church, its history, saints, and spirituality.  This started as far as I know with the 2009 calendar.

The 2009 Calendar has a short hagiography of a saint of our church every month.  It made looking forward to the next month all the more exciting!

The 2010 Calendar has a nice timeline of the Chaldean Church history.  Each month progresses further down the timeline.  It also has some nice photos relating to the timelines usually.

The 2011 Calendar has a review of the Chaldean liturgical year and its structure.

The diocese anniversary was in 2012, so the 2012 Calendar had a review of the diocese and its various ministries and activities.

The 2013 Calendar has a great review of the Chaldean liturgical year and spiritual points thereof.  This last one may change its link in the future when the 2014 Calendar comes out.

Hope people enjoy these worthy calendars. 🙂

Faith and Reason

April 24, 2013

What sets man apart from the animals is his intellectual faculty (his reason). Reason is defined as man’s ability to know and understand through judgment. Judgment is our aid to making distinctions between things. Making these distinctions helps us define things; we know what a thing is by defining it. (more…)

On a Lighter Note… 2013 Lenten Reading

February 27, 2013

It’s Lent again.  Here are the books I hope to finish this Lent:

There’s Murray’s “Symbol of Church and Kingdom“.  I find the intro to be a good “recent” update in what’s recent in “Syriac” studies… Would like to see the rest.

For Biblical commentary… I have taken to reading from Cornelius Lapide’s commentary.  I have those on St. Matthew in book form,  but I found a site that has them available online.  If anyone else has thoughts/insights into this commentary, and wants to discuss them, I’d love to!

Finally, to finish the Lenten punishment :), I will be reading Fr. Andrew Younan’s book: The Mesopotamian School & Theodore of Mopsuestia.  I’ve been meaning to read this again since I lost the pages of notes I had taken on this book.  It’s a great read, and gives a fabulous introduction on what the Mesopotamian School of thought is.

On a Lighter Note… Lenten Reading

March 8, 2012

So there are a couple of books I am now reading for Lent…

Pitre, Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist – Great reading… fast, great points, and something everyone should be aware of.

Palamas, The Triads – I always wanted to dive a little deeper into the Palamine language and distinction.  For those wondering, he’s not a Church of the East saint specifically, but he is one of our neighbors’.  So far, it has been an interesting read.

For anyone who might complain about me not reading readings from our own tradition, I point out the Lenten prayers and readings from our Liturgy give me enough sense of my own tradition.  But I have determined that once I’m done with St. Gregory Palamas’ book, I will be going back to finish one of the readings from Mingana, Early Christian Mystics.  The readings in the Syriac are hard enough given my admittedly poor dictionary in that language especially in the topics that they are talking about, so I think finishing one of the readings in Syriac will be enough Lenten struggle.

That being said… what are you guys reading?


Random Update

January 18, 2012

I guess I should be updating this soon enough. 🙂

How to Prepare for “Subara”

December 19, 2010

The Messiah was born in Bethlehem, and from the East, Magi came to honor him. They asked, and said: “Where was the king born? For we have come to bless and adore him.” (Basilica Hymn)

Archbishop Fulton Sheen once wrote that there were two classes of men who visited the Christ, the Majestic King of all, as a babe in his crib.  “Shepherds: those who know they know nothing.  [And] wise men: those who know they do not know everything… Only the simple and only the wise find Christ, because both are humble; both acknowledge either ignorance or the limitation of human knowledge.”  This season of Advent, Subara, that we have entered, contains one of the great Mysteries that was revealed to us, a Mystery that cannot even now be completely fathomed by human investigation.

The great Mystery that had been hidden for centuries and for generations has been revealed to us in the final age: the Only-Begotten, who is in the Womb of his Begetter, came and assumed the form of a servant in his grace; and he related and revealed to us the perfect faith of the Trinity. (Basilica Hymn) (more…)

Celbrating Our Belonging to Each Other in Christ

November 30, 2010

The following is a copy and paste from  It is a wonderful analysis that was written by our bishop, H.E. Mar Sarhad Y. Jammo, more than a year ago, but one that I have been going back to on several occasions.  It is worth re-posting here.  As you can see by my activity on this blog, I blog about as frequently and as well as I keep a journal or diary… and I am sorry.  🙂 More to come soon… relatively… and hopefully…

October 14, 2009

Celebrating Our Belonging to Each Other in Christ
By: Bishop Sarhad Yawsip Jammo

Numerous faithful of our parishes in north California are scheduled to come to St. Peter Cathedral in San Diego, for a first-time Pilgrimage, on Saturday, October 17-18, 2009.  The historic meaning of this event cannot be ignored.  (more…)

Random Shout-out

February 1, 2010

Some people will understand this shout-out… I just wanted to have a shout-out to all my PPP brothers! PPP!!!

And J.K. I love you.  You have been a dear brother and an instigator… in all the good ways.  not to mention your brothers are awesome too.  😀

I.R.H. I love you too!  Every time I read St. John Climacus, or think of him, I think of you.  And everytime, you remind me of St. Anthony the Great’s feast day.