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The confidence that is from God… p4

May 14, 2013

In the last posting on this topic, we mentioned how parrhesia was a result of our being adopted sons of Our Father in heaven.

There is one type of parrhesia based on a relationship quite different and unique.  As compared to us having the confidence of children before the Father, there is a confidence of a mother to the Son, the same confidence that the church saw manifest in our ladies request of her son at the wedding of Cana. In one hymn, the faithful ask of St. Mary: (more…)

Feast of the Assumption of Mary

August 22, 2011

Mother clothed with light, plead for mercies, on the day of your Assumption, from that Fruit which dawned from your womb, for the assembly that has come to your banquet and extols on the day of your passing, that in unity and perfect love, it may magnify your name… — Basilica Hymn


May and St. Mary

August 22, 2011

May is a month dedicated to St. Mary.  The association of the month with Mary was established in the West probably in the 13th century., the link perhaps coming about as the Christian baptizing of pagan harvest feasts, yet the connection of the Holy Mother to the harvest feasts came about much earlier. (more…)